A lot of people shy away from learning the drums when deciding to play an instrument. They see them as loud and large, taking up a lot of room. There are so many reasons why being a drummer is a great talent to have. Being a drummer isn’t just about sitting behind a drum kit. There are so many different types of drums out there such as djembe’s, bongo drums and timpani’s. You may find yourself wanting to play in a marching band, jazz band or orchestra. All these styles involve different a form of drums which creates an endless list of what you could do in your drumming career.



The Keyboard has played a crucial part in all forms of Western music. With its substantial range of notes, and vast potential for melodic and harmonic interplay, the instrument has remained a mainstay in diverse genres like classical music, gospel, R&B, jazz, and film music. Learning the keyboard can have huge theoretical and physical benefits for the serious musician. 


Keyboard classes are aimed at creating a versatile performer. The Objective of this course is to learn different genres of music like Rock, Blues, Funk etc., that enables a musician to use these skills both in sessions playing and on the stage. An Understanding of these styles not only helps the students in pursuing independent music but also cinema music and devotional music.


Perhaps no other instrument in the last five decades has been able to capture the imagination of popular culture and music in the way the guitar has. It’s ability to encompass and animate almost every style of popular musical expression from the lilting romantic ballad, to the dark, angst-driven metal riff, makes the guitar a vital component in almost all forms of contemporary music.

The guitar today has become integral to breaking new musical ground. Perhaps we can help you take the first steps towards writing the next chapter of that unfolding story.